The greatest thing in life is free – sex

I saw this very interesting video the other day. It was by a guy called Allan Watts, animated by the team from South Park over in America, and it was all about how we are constantly running from thing to thing, from place to place, always thinking that “as long as I do this, *then* I can be happy”. We are strung along, being told that we need this or that, when actually we need none of it. The greatest things in life really are free, sex being the greatest example of this. In this article, I am going to outline all the structure that is forcing us to think that we need to pursue money before we go after what we really want, and how in fact we are much better directly trying to get that which we want. I will be using sex, hook ups, and no strings attached relationships as my primary form of example throughout.

The first lie – no one wants to have sex with you


This was the primary lie that was propagated for years by society, and in fact is still being peddled by the various advertising agencies, multi national corporates, and pretty much most hard core capitalists that are trying to sell you stuff. This was particularly hard on women a few decades ago (which is fast changing) where most men were convinced that women didn’t really want to have sex with them. This meant that in order to be able to find a hook up, you had to be willing to “trick” or persuade them into sleeping with you. The way this plays straight into the hands of the corporations, is that in order to do so, they tell you that you need two things. You need status, you need money. In fact since money is seen as a reflection of status, you need one thing. You need money.


The second lie – money is the answer


We are told that the display of money is going to get us everything that we want, it is the answer to our prayers! See what they have done here, they convince us that we have an issue that we don’t have, then provide us with the answer. Sneaky eh? We are told that the best way to get everything we want, including sex, it to be rich. Once we have the money, we can buy fast cars, expensive watches, blow money in posh bars, and from the back of that women are going to want us. Women are going to fall at our feet from the lavish wealth that we have displayed. That is the only answer, and that is what is going to get us exactly what we want!


There is some truth to the lie


This, however, is also a self-fulfilling prophesy to a degree. If you go down this road, it will have a result. You will be driving your expensive car, and wearing your fancy suit, and when you go to posh bars women will find that attractive. You will find that you are better able to sleep with them, and you will propagate the lie because you now believe it. You have “experienced” it and found it to be “true”. However, you are missing two important elements to this conclusion. You are forgetting the reason it has happened.


Some of the women buy into the lie too


Why are the girls any less susceptible to the lie than the boys are? They are just as convinced that a decent man is one with lots of money. Those are the girls that will flock to you. The issue here is that the girl that believes that a man is only worth the amount of money he has, is not flocking to you for you, they are coming to the money. That is the only reason. This can result in very unfulfilling relationships, and one night stands with women that you may not actually like that much. Worse, after a while, this will affect how you see yourself. What kind of person are you if all people want you for is your money? How can you feel good about yourself? You really can’t.


It is your confidence and belief that make the difference – not the money.


When you have all the money, you finally have a reason for yourself to be confident, you have a belief that now you are the man you want to be. This is what boosts your confidence, the *belief* not that actual money. So you walk taller, you talk to the girls you are interested in with the attitude that you are worthy of them, and they sense and respond to it. All of a sudden you are getting laid a lot more… and you think it is the money. It is not. It is you, and your new attitude. Here is the secret – you don’t need the money to have the attitude.


The big problem – you waste time


This is the worst part, you waste years of your life on building up the assets, always waiting till the next stage comes, and by the time it comes you are a decade older. You can still have fun, but you have lost ten years of potential happiness time. This is unacceptable in my book.


See the truth – everyone wants to have sex, you are worthy of it


We have been taught to only value those things that we work for, that if it is free, it is not valuable. This is simply not true. Sex is free, truly free, and it is the greatest thing in the world. When you sleep with someone, you are both winning, because you both got to have sex. No one has anything taken away from them, and both of you are happier on the other side.


Stop waiting – start living


You do not have to wait till you have the money in place to have sex, you can have it now. Many adult dating websites are free, or cost a minimal amount to join, and all you have to do is join and message some people. That is all that it takes… yet so many people don’t do it, so many people take the longer, harder, and pointless route. If you want to make money for other reasons, go for it! There is nothing wrong with that. Just remember that sex really is free, so don’t feel you have to wait till you hook up.

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