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What is an F-buddy?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “f-buddy” and wondered what exactly that means, then this blog post is for you! An f-buddy is someone who you have a romantic relationship with, but without all the commitment that comes with a traditional relationship. Let’s look at why someone would choose this type of arrangement instead of a more traditional one. 

Stand out with your online dating etiquette

Now more than ever people are turning to online dating sites to connect with others and find love in the midst of the global pandemic and with this in mind there has never been a more important time to ensure you make the best first impression and master your dating etiquette.

The best things about casual dating

The world of casual dating is so refreshingly different than that of standard dating. There are so many things about it that make is far superior than “traditional” dating. If you are new to the world, or are just curious about it and are considering giving it a go, let me tell you right now, you should. It can change your life.

Can casual dating change your sex life?

Every person has their own version of their “normal” sex life, and everyone’s version is different. No matter what your current level of “norm” is, casual dating has the ability to transform it. You can revolutionise the way that your sex life works, and casual dating is a great way to do it.

Hacked adult sites, why security is important

Who hasn’t left their Facebook account open somewhere for a friend to find out and have fun with? A prank here and there, the odd photo posted or the fake message sent from their account protesting their unending love to one of their friends, in the end it’s all a laugh. That’s probably about as far as almost everyone’s gotten to be hacked – without real consequences.

How to message men for a sex date

When it comes to using casual dating website as a woman the rules are very different to men. The challenge becomes to more about elimination than getting attention. Women get attention in droves but getting to find the right person that is a lot harder, that were you need to spend some time.