Stay safe when using a sex dating website

Casual dating opens the door to a world of new people, places and experiences. It is a wonderful invention of modern times, though in reality being able to have a sexual partner with no ties or a no strings attached relationship is something that dates back hundreds of years. Meeting people on the casual dating circuit increases the chances of having sex tenfold, it gives you the opportunity to meet likeminded people who love sex but lack the time, interest, or personal space in order to be able to relationship. It comes with all the same benefits as “normal” dating, you can still go out with the person, spend time with them, enjoy doing partner activities together… but it makes all of these optional rather than expected.  Casual dating allows for a high level of honesty between the two of you, and also allows space for there to be more than two of you if that’s what you want! However, when you first start casual dating, there are some key things that should to in order to stay safe, and that is what we will discuss here.

Never put your location details on the website

There are certain precautions one should take when using a casual dating website. The first one is to not put your address or exact physical location on the website. There will inevitably be people that you meet where you do not feel a sexual connection, and when rejecting those people, if they do not know where you live, then ghosting or saying no becomes far easier to do. Make the choice to give out your address one that you reserve till after you have met them face to face.


Meet in a public place for the first time

It is always tempting to invite the person around to yours and get straight to it! There is no better way to test whether someone till make a good F-Buddy than to sleep with them. So why shouldn’t you get straight to it? See above for why not to invite them to yours, and as to going straight to theirs, again you haven’t scoped them out properly first. Always meet in a public place first, a bar, a pub. Even if this is around the corner from where you live, they will never know that it is really close to where you live, thus giving you the option of being back at yours quickly, but retaining privacy of place.


If you are going to go around to theirs – text a friend the address

If you are going to their place because things are going well and have progressed to sex, that’s great! Go for it… but text a mate the address. The best way to do this is openly. Ask them for the address, and when they ask why, tell them that you have a rule that you message it to a mate. This way they *know* that the address is going to a back up. If they are a little unhinged, then they are likely to alter their nefarious plans as they know they will be caught out. Do this every time, no matter how much you trust the person, just always do it. That is the only way to be truly safe.


Check the address when you arrive there

When you get there, check it is the same address that they gave you. If it isn’t, if the number is wrong or the road name different, then get out now. Do not take any excuse from them. Think about it, how often do you get your own address wrong? You don’t! If the address is different walk away, and if needed run away, and if there is any pressure at all to go in scream. Do not enter that building. Whilst the chances of this happening are extremely low, if it does take place, do not hesitate. Take action, and get out.


Always use protection

No matter what the person says, even if they claim they are on the pill, or are sterilised, or have been checked last week… always use protection. Every time.


There are my top tips for keeping safe whilst casual dating. Have fun!

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