The best things about casual dating

The world of casual dating is so refreshingly different than that of standard dating. There are so many things about it that make is far superior than “traditional” dating. If you are new to the world, or are just curious about it and are considering giving it a go, let me tell you right now, you should. It can change your life. To encourage you along, allow me to share, the best things about casual dating.

Start with sex


One of the things that make us truly happier in this world, is having sex. When you date, maybe you meet someone, waste a whole evening with them and it goes nowhere. Even if it does, you still have to wait three dates until you get laid, only to find that you are not sexually compatible! What a waste! Casual dating has none of these problems. If you want to have sex, you can generally do it on a first date, which means that even if you didn’t like them, it is never a wasted evening. When you then do have sex, you can quickly work out if you are compatible. Now most people don’t have great sex the first time, that is pretty normal. If you are just into completely different things, it is good to know that early so you can get out, which is a great thing about dating casually.


Can ditch people based on how they look


You can be shallow! If you meet someone and they are just ugly, then that is acceptable! You don’t even have to do the whole evening with them, you can say you are not that into them, and get on and meet someone else straight afterwards. It is really nice.




This is my all-time best thing about casual dating. Honesty. When you meet someone, there is a higher level of honesty. Usually when you meet someone, the thing no one ever talks about is that they are trying to work:

  • If they want to sleep with the other person
  • If they can sleep with the other person
  • If they should sleep with the other person


With casual dating you have both already been upfront about the fact that you like sex, and that you want to have it, and maybe have it with that person. This means that one of the most taboo subjects has just been put on the table! Being honest about other things in comparison seems far easier, and is thus far more likely to happen. It is the best thing.


You can be yourself


When there are so many other options available, which there are when you are casual dating, you can really afford to be yourself. There is no reason to be anything else. If they don’t like you for you, then that’s fine, there are a ton of other people waiting. It is so liberating, to turn up to a first date and just be yourself.


So there are some of the best things about casual dating. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it!


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