How to arrange casual dating

Most of us know how to arrange a standard date for “normal” dating. I hesitate to use the word “normal” because what is normal? I can easily argue that casual dating should actually be considered normal dating in today’s world. More and more people are looking to date casually, and more and more people want to be able to sleep with someone with no strings attached before even considering something more exclusive. Things may have been different 100 years ago, but I would argue that even 50 years ago things had moved. The 60’s have a splendid reputation for being all about the free sex movement. People were sleeping with each other as a political statement – they didn’t even need to like each other that much! It must have been an incredible time to be alive, oh for a time machine…

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Arranging a “normal” or non-casual date

When arranging a non-casual date, care and effort has to go in, after all, this could be the future mother/father of your child! You have to think about where you are taking them – should you start in a café or a pub? Does a pub send the wrong message, that you are an alcoholic? Then again, you quite like alcohol, and you find a pint an excellent way of relaxing the nerves. Perhaps you should play it safe and go for a coffee… but you are meeting at 7:30pm and who goes for a coffee that late? Maybe you should move straight to dinner, after all 7:30 is dinner time, and you are both bound to be hungry. It doesn’t matter how much she likes you, if she is distracted by hunger then the date is already doomed! Oh no, what to do?!?!?

Dating is rife with insecurities and decisions, and there are no right answers. What is consistent, is that when you are dating with the view to find a future husband or wife, the pressure is on – big time. Right from before you even meet you feel the need to ensure that you are going to give a good impression, that you are going to come across well. Then when you do meet, you are pressured into not being able to relax. In an effort to make yourself come across well whilst evaluating the other person as a potential life partner, you inadvertently sabotage the entire date! Your efforts to make the date go well, cause the date to go badly!


Relax – you are dating the smart way now

Casual dating is the smart way to date. You get to try before you buy… if indeed you ever had plans to buy at all! So when you arrange casual dating – do it in a relaxed manor. Take a chill pill, and just meet where ever you feel like. You wanna arrange it in a cafe? No problem. Pub? Fine. Fancy restaurant? Well if that is what you want to do, then go for it! As long as you stay relaxed, you can arrange it however you want.


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