How to pick a women in adult dating sites

This article is aimed primarily at the men who read and follow this blog. Welcome gentlemen, to how to pick a woman on an adult dating website! So let us explore this by starting with what is currently happening, and how you are currently picking your ladies.

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Are they hot?

The first (and often only) question you are asking yourself at the moment is most likely, are they hot? Are they good looking, do they turn you on, is their pic great? If you can see some skin, bonus points to that lady! Often the criteria for “are they hot” varies wildly from person to person. What is hot for one person is very different to another. Some like them fat, some like them thin, some want them short, some love them tall… you get the idea. The variations are all so high, that it doesn’t matter that it is based on looks, all the women are going to get some of the men liking them, so everyone ends up on a date eventually. As long as that happens, we are in the win win situation. Where things start to get a little tricky is that this is currently (for many of you) the only criteria that you are using! There should be more, and there is a good reason for this.


Are they into similar things?

Getting turned on fully, requires a build up, and going out is a major part of it. If they don’t like the same things as you, then you are unlikely to be able to sustain this, or you will end up going to concerts that you are uninterested in, and watching films that you hate to humour her. It is not worth it, so find someone who likes similar stuff to you.


The basic ticks – smoking, drinking and eating

If there is variation in the main 3, then whilst it is not a deal breaker, it can increase chances of an early end to the casual dating. Did you know, that if you take out marriage insurance, then your premiums are higher if there is a difference in any of these three? If you both smoke, or both don’t smoke then it is fine. However, if only one of you smokes, the statistical chance of you staying together are slim. Start on a win, match on smoking, drinking, and if you are vegetarian etc.


Are they positive?

Again this is a huge thing. The more naturally positive they are, the happier you are going to be hanging out with them. Trust me – go for someone who smiles in their profile pics a lot!


Are they hot?

Okay I am putting this in as the final because I want to make it clear that it is important. Do you find them attractive? If you don’t, you are wasting your time. So whilst at the start I was pushing away from it, it is a key ingredient.


Go forth, and date!

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